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Corporate Users

We produce customised versions of the globalbagtag. Custom tags can include your company logo on the front whilst retaining the globalbagtag tracking information on the reverse. Custom tags not only give your customers extra peace of mind but also promote you company whenever they travel. These tags are ideal for marketing campaigns, corporate gifts, tour company promotion, tour group extras, travel agent branding or giveaways. We supply custom tags to some of the world's largest corporations including Debenhams, Diageo, Renaissance Hotels and BT.


We can produce tags in a wide variety of styles, shapes and materials to suit your requirements and budget. For a no obligation quote, please contact us. Email us details of your logo & we will produce a free mock-up to show how your custom tags could look.


We also offer volume discounts on our normal range of tags, please contact us for a free sample pack.


Additional revenue products

Branded Globalbagtag's can be "cross sold" with other travel products, keeping company branding and visibility in focus. With a high profit margin available, they make an excellent source of additional revenue.

Retail outlets

If you would like to become a stockist of globalbagtags, please contact our retail sales department for further details.


Retailer on-line stock ordering system


One of the great benefits of custom globalbagtags is the valuable opt in data we can offer your company. When a customers registering one of your tags they will be directed to a custom landing page themed with your company logos. We will collect their name, address, email details and mobile phone number we can even ask a few marketing questions on your behalf. With the customers permission all this data can be made available to you, in real time via our online management information interface. This data can be of great value to you for future direct marketing to your customers.

Luggage Manufactures/Distributors

Globalbagtag tracking technology can easily be integrated into your luggage at the manufacturing stage or retro fitted to your existing stock. Including globalbagtag on your range of baggage could give you a great competitive advantage and your customer�s valuable protection for their new luggage. We offer a no cost option to major luggage suppliers.please contact our Luggage department for further details.


Travel Insurance companies

Globalbagtag supplies one of the worlds largest travel insurance companies with tags for their clients. Giving away globalbagtags with your policies gives your clients extra peace of mind and helps cut down on costly lost luggage claims. Please contact our insurance department for further details.


Press and media has a separate section for members of the press. You can visit it here


Distributors welcomes enquiries from established distributors, please contact our export sales department for details.

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